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I have edited a premade theme made by sin21 for the site, the theme features this photo session of Cillian. Our photo archive has new uploads as well. Thank you to Cocoe for sending us some images of they took of Cillian at the Radio Times Festival and thank you to our friends over at OFYCM for uploading various new images to the gallery.

Our photo archive has various new additions now! You can check out each album by clicking on the gallery link at the bottom of this post. Thank you to my friend Gabby from for sending the Peaky Blinders Season Three on set images our way!

Photography Willy Vanderperre; Styling Alister Mackie; Hair Duffy Anthony Turner at Art Partner; Make up Laura Dominique at Streeters; Set design Emma Roach at Streeters; Photographic producer Thea Charlesworth; Production Floriane Desperier at 4oktober; Lighting technician Romain Dubus; Digital operator Henri Coutant at Dtouch; Photo assistants Jared Beck, Jori Komulainen; Tailor Alina Gencaite; Styling assistants Reuben Esser, Peghah Malleknejad; Hair assistant David Harborow; Set design assistant Rebecca Scott; Music Fabien Girard

Remember you can purchase your issue of the magazine here. It includes this new shoot of Cillian as well as an interview.

Our photo archive has been updated with images from the 2012 Odessa International Film Festival. There’s over 100 images of Cillian attending in the album. You can click the link below the thumbnails in this post to head over to the gallery.

Sep 10, 2015
Published by Kaci

Image Additions

We have updated our photo archive with various image additions as well as replacements for previously messed up stills.

The gallery has reached over 23,000 images! If you would like to check out all of the images that have been added you can do so by clicking the corresponding links below the thumbnails in this post. Credit goes to for the screen captures (thought I would upload here for fans since their site is no longer available).

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