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Photography Willy Vanderperre; Styling Alister Mackie; Hair Duffy Anthony Turner at Art Partner; Make up Laura Dominique at Streeters; Set design Emma Roach at Streeters; Photographic producer Thea Charlesworth; Production Floriane Desperier at 4oktober; Lighting technician Romain Dubus; Digital operator Henri Coutant at Dtouch; Photo assistants Jared Beck, Jori Komulainen; Tailor Alina Gencaite; Styling assistants Reuben Esser, Peghah Malleknejad; Hair assistant David Harborow; Set design assistant Rebecca Scott; Music Fabien Girard

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Streamed live on Jun 24, 2015
Cillian Murphy talks with Gold Derby editor Matt Noble about the Netflix series ‘Peaky Blinders’

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Cillian Murphy, the star of “Breakfast on Pluto” and the villain in “Inception,” has fixed his piercing eyes on filming ballet.

In the Irish actor’s video for the British band MONEY’s new single “Hold Me Forever,” he spends a lot of time paying attention to the feet of the dancers of the English National Ballet.  The video, part of which was filmed at The Old Vic Theatre in London, marks Murphy’s directorial debut.

Check it out below. It’s certainly a departure from his days as the haunting Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy:



The poster for Cillian’s next film “Broken” has been released along with two clips which you can view at this website.

You can also read a recent interview with Tim Roth in which he talks about how he admires Cillian here.

Roth said: “Cillian is a hard-working and dedicated fellow. Unfortunately he’s ugly which is a problem for him in life,” he joked.

Back in August, we got a taste of a new indie that premiere at Cannes when the trailer for Broken showed up. At the time, the film only had an official release in France, but now it has a release window in the United Kingdom soon.

Thankfully that news comes with an all-new knew trailer that shows off some promising performances from Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy. However, the real spotlight should be on newcomer Eloise Laurence who looks to give quite a powerful performance judging by this trailer. Hopefully this film makes it sway to the United States and Canada sometime next year, but for now, enjoy the new trailer.

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